Sunday, July 11, 2010

What better on a hot day that a Ginger Beer that is really beer?

It looks like today will be a hot one without the benefit of an evening shower. So what could be better to have to cool you down on a hot day than a ginger beer that is actually a ginger BEER and not just some sort of ginger flavored soda pop? I say, very little, which is why I am now a big fan of Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Beer.

Now if all you have had is a ginger ale, like Canada Dry, Schweppes or whatever then you probably think that ginger beer and ginger ale are the same thing, a not-too-sweet soda pop with a faint flavor of ginger. Like most Canadians you only ever drink this when you are sick or as a mix with Rye. Well, I can say that a real ginger ale/beer actually tastes like, well, ginger. Crabbies takes it to the next level by not just making a ginger flavored beverage, but creating a drink that IS ginger beer.

According to their website they take "4 secret ingredients" and then steep them for 4 weeks with ginger brought from India to craft their brew. And I am here to say that it is darned tasty stuff. They suggest it as I have it pictured here, over ice with a wedge of lime. It is cool, nicey gingery without clubbing you over the head, and about 4% alcohol, so it has just enough kick to it to make it interesting. These are lovely on a hot day, so I am going to go and mow my lawn and then treat myself to a Crabbies.

I first discovered Crabbies at my local Sobey's Liquor Store. They were brought in as a trial, but flew off the shelves. The keep ordering more and they keep selling out, so hopefully they will prove to be popular enough to stick around. They sell as singles and cost about $3 per bottle.

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  1. So strange, I just had my first of these last night and am now also in love. I've always loved ginger beer so this was just the next step in awesome.